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In Death Unchained: review

The game was developed by Superbright and first released for PSVR and the Oculus Rift back in 2018

In Death Unchained: review

In Death: Unchained brings a unique mixture of rogue-like mechanics, medieval styled bow and arrow combat, a little melae here and there, and a decent amount of Dark Souls inspired titbits.

The game was developed by Superbright and first released for PSVR and the Oculus Rift back in 2018. This time, its creators sort to unchain players from the shackles that are wire cables.

What’s it All About?

As is the case with all other games that fall into the rogue-like bracket, In Death Unchained is a play until you get killed kind of game. You start, you fight and kill enemies, you progress through the levels, and you can shop for wares and other trinkets RPG style.

It begins with a tutorial to get you aquainted with the game play. Tutorials generally aren’t something to write home about, but a lot of developers of VR offerings have not seemed to pay too much attention to them.

Once this is completed, you will enter the first level which is known as purgatory – which was the only level in the PC/PSVR release. Here the player is met by myst shrouded buildings and bridges in citadels that make for an awe inspiring experience. The other 2 levels, Abyss and Paradise Lost, remain locked until you meet certain requirements to unlock them.

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Playing The Game

As the very basic, the player is armed with a bow and arrows, coupled with a simple shield for defense and close encounters. However, after achieving a certain goal, the player has the option of choosing a crossbow instead.

This comes with some benefits over using the simple bow like, better mobility and faster reload times. However, it offers less range than the bow. There are also special arrows like, exploding arrows, freezing arrows and fire arrows. The game allows you to carry two extra types of arrows apart from the standard set.

As you play through, you are confronted by multiple – different – enemies, some coming from above and others attack from the same level. Each relying on different attacking styles that vary from ranged to melee. Some may attack in droves, while others try a sneak approach.

Movement is facilitated in three ways. The first two involve teleportation. The first is a shard (in your inventory) which is probably best for quick evasive maneuvering.  The second is one of the standard arrows available in your inventory. This arrow instantly teleports you to where you fire it. The third is an update that integrates free locomotion.

As you play through the game, there will be opportunities to save your progress and take a little break while shopping. However, RPG fans getting their first taste of VR should not expect much in the way of storytelling. However the game does a good job of ironing out the monotony of repetition through its achievement mechanism that adjusts environments each time you run through. This is done by adding new pickups and different enemies. 

Another fun bit about the of In Death’s tether free version is the addition of portals that lead to other worlds  (think hell rifts in Hellgate London), with more powerful enemies coming in greater numbers. These routes are optional and come with their own risks and rewards.

When it comes to in game achievements, this game has taken them a little further than bragging rights. They modify your character and can be carried over from one game to the next. For example, if you are to achieve 26 headshots – which deal more damage to foes – you receive a 40% damage increase for headshots. 


The vast majority of people who are interested in gaming in VR will love the addictive qualities built into this game. Most people won’t mind the minor downgrade in graphics rendering too much. Overall it’s a pretty good offering.

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