Harmony operating system

The history is in the making.

Huawei has just announced its official Harmony OS also known as Hong Mango s .  Apparently Huawei has been working on this for 10.  years. Ten years ago Huawei predicted the future, with seamless operating system and it’s now happening.

According to the CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, Harmony OS is completely different from Android and iOS . It is a microkernel based distributed OS that delivers smooth experience across all scenarios. Because of micro based kernel system it can be adopted to various different things very easily, and it also has a secure architecture . It is going to be very easy for developers to develop apps for the software because once they develop the apps they can flexibely deploy them across different range of devices.

Huawei is a lightweight, compact operating system with powerful functionality, and it will first be used for smart devices like smart watches, smart screens, in-vehicle systems, and smart speakers. Through this implementation Huawei aims to establish an integrated and shared ecosystem across devices, create a secure and reliable runtime environment, and deliver a holistic intelligent experience across every interaction with every device.

It is going to be a huge competitor, particularly to Android. Imagine if chinese manufacturers like Xiomi, Oppo, Vivo – they all start to use Harmony OS. What is going to happen with Android?

Four distinct technical features of Harmony OS

1. Seamless experience across all the devices

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Because Harmony OS can be built for so many different devices it’s going to be very seamlessly connected .

2. Smoothness and high performance

We have heard that Harmony OS could be actually around 40-60. % faster then Android . Huawei’s founder once said that his OS will be faster then Android and even iOS.

3. Security

Thanks to mikro kernel architecture Harmony OS will come with enhanced security and low latency. Microkernel is designed to simplify the kernel functions and it’s going to implement as many system services as possible in the user mode outside of the user , hence adding a mutual security protection. It also uses something called formal verification method to reshape its security.

4. Unified System

Harmony OS is said to be powered by multi device IDs, that allows app developers to develop application just one time for harmony OS and they can implement that application across all the different devices.

Harmony OS is also using Huawei art compiler which Android can also use in the future.

It is their first static compiler that is much faster compared to what Android currently uses . The execution of commands are much simpler, that will improve the power and the speed of the OS much more .

Recent News

According to the recent news, Huawei mate 30. light will be the first mobile phone which will use Harmony OS  and it is going to be released specifically in China in the start.

If it is proved to be that good as promised, it could be actually an end to Android .
The amazing thing about all this is that Huawei made the Harmony OS as an open source project, this means that other manufacturers can adopt Huawei OS, even Google.

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