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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Map, Gameplay, Battlepass

During the chapter 3 season 3 of Fortnite, we see the addition of new areas as well as the character of Darth Vader added to the game.

Epic Games, the creator, and publisher of Fortnite tries to keep users entertained by providing different content each season. It was during the recent season that the no-build mode was added to the Fortnite game. It was met with an unprecedented response from users. Fortnite FortniteNow, with the release of an update, the third season of the third chapter of the Fortnite game called Vibin has been made available to users, and we are witnessing spectacular changes in the game map, as well as the addition of various items to the Fortnite gameplay.


Vibin’s Season Map Changes

The Vibin season map can be considered one of the most beautiful maps of Fortnite since its release today. The western part of this map has a spring and fantasy atmosphere. There’s the addition of a new environment called Reality Falls. The mentioned environment has replaced Camp Cuddle. In this environment, we see various mushrooms that you can use to climb the environment. They are placed on the side of hot water pools. You can fly through the mushrooms and go to another part of the map. In the meantime, I would like to point out that players can see the growth of Reality seedlings by planting Reality seeds.

By defeating the Order, we see the addition of Rave Cave to the Fortnite map. It is similar to a nightclub that you can visit to get a different feeling. Of course, changes to the Fortnite map in the Vibin chapter do not end there, and we see the addition of new landscape environments.

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Fortnite C3 S3 Reality Tree

Vibin’s Season Gameplay Changes

With the start of each new season, we see changes in the gameplay and the addition of new weapons and items. The Ballers have been out of the game for more than a year and can be considered one of the most interesting vehicles in the Fortnite world. Now, during the third season of Fortnite Chapter 3, we are witnessing the re-addition of Ballers. Of course, this time changes have been made in the structure of the Ballers. For example, they have batteries and you cannot ride them all the time. Their use is much more limited than before. You can also use Ballers in water.

Screwballer is another item that we are seeing added during the third season. In other words, you can connect your baller to the Screwballer inside the environment and easily move to different parts of the game map. One of the interesting changes in the gameplay is the storm changes. In the past, if you stayed during the storm, your health would only be reduced. However, by staying in the storm (too much), you will receive a special Sickness, which causes the damage rate in the storm to change.

Of course, by leaving the game storm, the mentioned effect will stop until you enter the storm again.

Not to mention the addition of new weapons and items, including the Two-Shot shotgun and the DMR sniper rifle.

Not to mention the addition of new weapons and items, including the Two-Shot shotgun and the DMR sniper rifle.

Vibin’s Season Battle Pass

With the start of the new season, we are witnessing a completely new Battleplaces. The theme of all battle passes may be the same, but the design of the items of each battle pass is what sets it apart. In the Vibin season, we see the addition of new characters to the game. The most important of which are the beloved Indiana Jones and Darth Vader. To get Darth Vader, you must take your battle pass to the final level (level 100). Indiana Jones will be added in the final weeks of season 3.

As before, users can earn points and increase their level by completing daily challenges, weekly challenges, and milestones. As the level increases, you get stars and you can buy Battle pass items through the stars. Of course, having things like Bounty and doing things like surviving, and killing enemies during each match will give you points to increase your level.

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