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5 Tips on How to Keep you Phone Memory Clean

We know how to download apps from app store in an android mobile.

We know how to download apps from app store in an android mobile. We know how to run them after installation. But most of us often ignore the fact which completely states that even some of the best android apps, if left running in the background can make your mobile phone slow and even cause serious damage to your random access memory.

Surely this is not an effective problem in case of highly powerful mobile phones like Galaxy Note and other similar models, but if you are using a less powerful app, it is likely that you are going to face problems where your phone may get slow due to many running apps in the background. However, more powerful mobile phones are also bound to face this problem once in a while. After all, they are also machines!

So to ignore this thing, today technical blog is about how you can disable running background apps in your android phone to give your phone a long life and make your mobile phone work at a greater speed.

Launching Recent Applications Menu

It is mandatory that you go to the recently used applications part and launch the cross button r the 360 degree button to disable those apps. The process and icons may vary from phone to phone; however, once you do that, your recent running apps will be closed and your RAM will be cleared off.

Close All the Apps Or the Ones You Want

Say suppose you are working on two applications simultaneously and you have opened the rest just for relevant reference. You can go to the launching applications part in your mobile phone. Most often the square bar in your screen leads you to it.

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You can selectively disable the apps you don’t need right now and keep those in need. Or if you are currently not hovering on your mobile phone, it is a wise decision to go the launch recent applications menu and disable all the apps once.

Uninstall the Apps Which Are Not Frequently Used By You

Nowadays, there are applications which often attract us with amazing offers. Such as the app Zomato says that if you install the app and order for the first time, you are going to get 50% off on the meal that you have offered.

This leads us to often download apps not for long time use, but to redeem those offers we are provided with. Say suppose there are apps in your phone which satiates the same needed you are going to get from Zomato, but there are no offers available currently on it. It is wise that you install the app, redeem the offer and delete it then and there. This will not hold up your phone memory without any actual use, even if it is one of the best android apps.

It is Important that You Delete the Uninstalled App

We often forget about an application after uninstalling it, thinking that we got rid of it. But actually you need to check because some android phones keep the data of the uninstalled app in your phone memory which mounts up to nothing but hampering the memory of your android phones.

Some android phones directly asks you whether you want to delete the data but some will not. So you need to check your memory by visiting the settings applications to see that whether the applications you just uninstalled has been really deleted or not. If not then immediately do that.

Android Games Eat Up Most of Your Phone Memory

Some android games like the multiplayer games and other games with heavy graphics take much space in your mobile phone, it also heats up your phone battery if you play too much with it. Therefore, it is important that you close a game after done playing with it.

If your android games run in the mobile background it can eat up a lot of memory and can also hang your phone or make it slow. Some of the powerful games while played on mobile needs ample amount of random access memory, so make sure that your online games app fits your RAM.

Try these 5 best android apps managing tips for your phone and see how it works. If your phone recovers then you just saved yourself from a huge expenditure and if it does not, then consider the fact that it’s too late!

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