4 Great Jobs That A Programmer Can Do

We’re now entering an era where all businesses begin to penetrate the digital world. It is where the expertise of a programmer is needed. What career choices are right for a programmer? Let’s dig in.

Talents in the world of technology are being sought after. From startup businesses to large companies worth billions of rupiahs, they are now looking for qualified programmers to realize specific ideas.

If you are someone who is often amazed and loves the workings of an application or a sophisticated computer program, and about how it was all built based on a series of program codes, you might be interested in pursuing a career as a programmer.

Why a programmer? Until March 2019, there were around 2,100 startups that emerged in a small country. Most startups rely on technology; there are a lot of apps and software businesses too. So, the job as a programmer is one of the most relevant in this era. Of course, there is a lot of work-related to programming, as you can see in the explanation below:

1. Develop A Page As A Web Developer

Web development is a position that is unique and interesting in the field of programming work. However, compared to other professions in the same area, work as a web developer is mostly done on a freelance basis.

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If you are interested in pursuing this profession, you need to know that web developers are generally divided into three types, namely front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers.

Front-end developers usually determine the design or appearance of a website using programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. Programmers who occupy this position are usually tasked with implementing website functions to make it appear more interactive and fully functional.

As with the front-end, a back-end website developer is more responsible for what happens when a site starts working. 

Analogous to a car, a front-end developer is responsible for the appearance of the body and its color. Meanwhile, the back-end developer is responsible for the engine behind the hood, whereas full-stack developers are responsible for the two fields mentioned above.

It means that in addition to being in charge of taking care of the front-end, he is also responsible as a back-end developer.

2. Create Applications For PC Or Desktop

A programmer usually has many “nicknames” in the office. Starting from ‘software developers’, ‘computer programmers’, to ‘app developers’. All of these positions can refer to the same profession. But on the other hand, software developers in one company can have job descriptions that are different from software developers in other companies.

Computer programmers usually spend their time writing and rewriting programming code for an application until it’s ready to use. Great attention to the smallest details is significant for a computer programmer or software developer.

3. Developing Applications For Smartphones

The mobile app developer is responsible for creating, developing, and updating applications for mobile phones, tablets, and other smartphones. You could say this job is an excellent career choice in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 as it is today.

4. Become A Tech Support

Position as technical support requires you to know how to work software so that you can offer solutions needed by consumers. Criteria such as solutions and artistry become an important measure of quality possessed by tech support.

Being tech support will give you experience about various types of problems faced by software users. A basic understanding of the various potential issues that occur, and the ability to find solutions, is an ability that tech support must-have.

Whatever job you choose, know that expertise as a programmer is being sought. If you can develop your programming skills and bring them to the top, there is an excellent opportunity to build your career.

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